1. It’s ten to eleven and Jordan and I are in bed listening to the party going while we watch shitty videos because we are anxious around new and interesting people. I thought tonight would be different but I was wrong. I’m not even tired.


  2. an unwanted gift



  4. The angel at my shoulder is furry and smells weird



  6. maghrabiyya:

    rebecca gillies actually being a lesbian and in love with bridget jones is my favourite plot twist

    I always forget that this was actually a thing

    And what a great thing it was

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  7. I’m drunk and stupid and the scratches from the sandpaper the pathologist used to exfoliate my wrists before she stuck the ECG monitors to me are visible now and I feel like a freak. I’m frustrated because Maddi and her friends are drunk and partying up in the garage and Jordan’s family is totally sober apart from me and I just wish I was somewhere else and stoned.


  8. vicious-desperation:


    no one has a crush on me. i am too strong to be crushed


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  9. J and I are watching Fresh Prince and I’m so fucking in love with this show why did I never watch it when I was younger